Print Die Cut Stickers vs Printing Kiss Cut Stickers

A lot of our customers always ask us, what our recommendation on what is better when printing stickers for them, and we always tell them, that it depends on the order.

All orders are different, and all customers needs are different as well. The only way to choose what type of print to use is understanding what the customers needs are, and the difference between the two different prints are.

So this article is going to explain what the difference between die cut vs kiss cut printing is. Dont worry its not going to be too technical, as the entire thing is not complicated at all.

Whats better?

In the general aspect of it all, neither one is better over the other, but depending on the application or sticker, it will matter, again though, you can print any sticker as either die cut or kiss cut.

What are die cut stickers?

die cut stickers

Die cut stickers are stickers that are cut through the paper and the vinyl. This means that the finished product is pretty much the sticker. The paper backing will be the exact same size and shape as your sticker that you designed.

What are kiss cut stickers?

kiss cut stickers

Kiss cut stickers are stickers that are cut through the vinyl only. Having stickers printed this way gives the sticker a paper backing that is larger than the designed sticker.

When to use what

Now that we know which is which, our question now is, when do we use each print and why.

I usually recommend to my customers to use die cut. The reason for this, is because it offers a cleaner and more finished looking sticker. A lot of customers seem to like this look a lot better as well.

Kiss cut stickers do have their purpose however, it is a lot more wiser to use kiss cut stickers if you have a more intricate design with a lot of details. For example, if you print a flower with petals, the petals would be very flimsy and might fall off if cut the die cut way. If the petals had the paper backing left on, it would offer a lot more support and protection.


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