How Maids in Pink Calgary Gained Business with Stickers

One of our readers in Calgary really took their business to the next level.

They implemented one of our strategies from our other post, which helped them gain a ton of leads in only a few weeks.

Maids in Pink is a cleaning company based in Calgary, Alberta, and they started really taking initiative. They followed our recipe for branding and marketing and it really helped improve their sales.

Maids in pinks owner, Illy told us that she really wanted to focus on growing her business online, she was struggling with her move out cleaners, but once she started throwing stickers on everything, she really go the ball rolling.

Now Illy, buys and prints stickers to put on all of her gadgets and gives stickers to all of her clients.

Illys plan now is to go after the construction niche, one of her friends told her that a lot of construction workers like to put stickers on their hard hats. This is perfect marketing, as she wants to go after post construction cleaning in calgary.

I think she is going to really smash the market in Calgary with this new strategy. I hope more of you readers really take action, because this can really help you grow your business. Take note, and learn from people who are doing it.


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